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Going the Distance
Men's College Basketball Travel Distance Analysis
Colonizability of Africa
Analysis of Digitized Map from 1899
African Conflict
Data Visualization of Conflicts in 2018
Ethiopia Crop Calendar Index
Drought Exposure Tool in Ethiopia
We Come in Peace!
US UFO Sightings and Military Installations
Who Wants a Drink?
Finger Lakes Winery and Brewery Analysis
Front-End UI Developer
Ursa Space Systems - Ithaca, NY April 2018 - present
GIS Developer
Global Parametrics - Lexington, KY June 2015 - April 2018
GIS Technical Intern
Sandia National Laboratories May 2013 - August 2013
hi there!

I'm Lauren Jaromczyk, formerly Oldham (apparently I'm destined to have a funny-sounding last name). I'm a Kentucky-native who is still learning to survive winters in my new home base in upstate New York.

My career passion lies at the intersection of technology and social sciences, primarily focusing on geography and geospatial data. I currently work as a front-end UI developer and have a wealth of experience building data-driven web applications. Enriching data science with usable, slick, and fun data visualizations is what excites and motivates me most in my career.

When I'm not working, I enjoy the great outdoors with day hikes and birdwatching. When stuck inside for half the year, I read, bake, do yoga, and binge watch the same 6 TV shows on repeat.